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I must say I had a good old chuckle at the graphic of you holding your own face... most inventive, and not a tad obscure... (...) Very philosophical scrolly message, too. Unfortunately the question "When is a Web not a Web?" induces my brain not only into an infinite loop, but a paradoxical infinite loop which is in fact much worse, as you might well imagine. Best regards, Nick H.

Love the Web site. I once read an interview with you after the break up of AON and you said that you were working on an album with Alvin Lee, ex of Ten Years After. Was it ever released and what was it called? More pertinently, can I get hold of it? Goodbye. Love and hugs, Raymond A. Koh

"Entropy is the supreme law of nature which governs everything that happens - and everything we do. Entropy explains why our existing view of the world is breaking up and what will replace it." - Jeremy Rifkin/Ted Howard.

I think I'm missing something with your site though - whats the guest book all about - you turning into a sarniephile or something - I thought you were Mr Live-for-cricket, surely there's not enough room in anyone's life for sarnie-loving and cricket, both such interesting subjects (cough cough). Anyway, good luck with the album - hope there's a tour to follow. Gav

I saw you (and your cricket bat!) live at Hammersmith Odeon with AON years and years ago. I thought it was a great show, but it was a *real shame* that the audience didn't want to get out of their seats until right near the end of the set. Don't let that happen again!! Neal

Post-prandial slumber knocks at the great door of subconsciousness in my head. It's not locked. It enters. Suggestions welcome. Strange and insensible replies only, please. Nick Heaps

Hey J.J.! Glad to see that you are still continuing your pursuit of "NOISE!" I just wanted to say hey and I'll be one of the first ones buying that album when it hits the market! Of all things, I first heard of AoN from Peter Gunn on the radio. I searched and searched for a name attached to the song and finally got a hold of it. Needless to say, I've been looking for some new music from you guys in a long time ........... I'll close by saying thanks for releasing some new stuff. I'll be looking forward to hearing it. Take care.... Rob Bartsch

Webmaster I just answered a multitude of answers to do with sandwiches and submitted it only to be told of a server error. Is this some kind of joke? Is there really no SandwichNet Registration. The reason I ask these questions is that I am using an Atari ST to view the ArtofSilence Web pages and these registration thingies often don't work. So if it is real - add me to the list - otherwise it was a good laugh. Simon

Hello, JJ, remember me? Sarm West 1983, AON foetal sessions, useless boy cowering in corner under intimidatory gaze of Mr.Horn et al? Pretending to be a tape hop, but really just nipping off for a fag and a cuppa? Thought not. How are you? Glad to see you've done so well. Always thought you would. Um, I really like that Bach thing that Anne did on the last AON record (at the end). Am I too old? But your new stuff sounds good. Oh. Bye then. Ben

big ugly tables, eye-straining pastel backgrounds... but who's complaining.. everything works!

Hi JJ, call me a sad bastard if you like, but I've just spent half a morning taking up your anagram challenge. Of course I used a program to generate the anagrams themselves, but I had to go through and find the better ones from the zillions generated.Dean

Dear JJ, Many thanks for your e-mail. So I take it you've uprooted and rerooted somewhere else... Your web site... very different ..................... It's great Best wishes, Nick Heaps

Had a good look at your new website; cool, groovy and loud is how it is, and how it should remain! Ben

Absolutely brilliant! Nosmo

I just wanted to congratulate you on the spiffy web page. Can you believe it - I didn't even know about Art of Silence before this! Equally amazing - the album is being released on September 2, my birthday! Now I know what I'll be asking for...Bobby Tribble

Hi, We are a couple of guys from Australia that knew Pappa before he became rather large, we were wondering if you could give us an Internet address to contact him on.

Sorry to be a sniveller, but The Ambient Collection was simply _the_ album to wake up to at The Big Chill last summer. Glad you're back...

Go for 3 filings (at least): ie: Ham, Cheese and Pickle Corned Beef, Onion and Cottage Cheese

I've been quite an avid follower of your art for a long time - and your web site (of which I heard about on the radio F.Y.I.) is very good

Never leave a sandwich unattended. Before you know it, its alive

Wow... the site is a LOT bigger than it was! Cool....... Eric

You should be a Network23 site. Dig. And stop by for a sandwich. If you're ever in Chicago. We could beat a few bars out of the 2600.

I've been a tremendous fan of Art of Noise since their beginnings at ZTT, along with the JJ's Fairlight works in different albums. The only problem is that quite a bit has been hard to find here in the U.S., although I think I've finally got nearly everything. Every now and then I look into the AON pages thinking just maybe I'll read that they've reformed, and now this!!!! I am extremely pleased and could only beg for a response to this memo!

I heard the sample , a cheap sample of a time+space house cd I will listen to your record (in the shop) hope it will be better than that , maybe my expectations have become too high because of your absence I am really really very very sorry. vinz

I'm sure you probably get letters from fans all the time, but I have a couple legitimate questions to ask you. :) I've been a fan of AON ever since a friend introduced me to them (you) back in '90. I've since bought most every album I can find. I really enjoy listening to the music a lot. When a friend saw the "Art Of Silence" cd single of "West 4". Although it's not quite as good (in my opinion) as some of the Art Of Noise works, it still blows most everything else out in the music scenes out of the water... (that was a compliment in an odd way) Could you put a sample on your Art Of Silence web page of you saying your last name? A friend and I would appreciate it. :) -jerry

This is not a rehearsal. Nothing is true.

No it was fate, and some extraordinary timing! Paahhh!!! Sounds like I want a free Deck mate!!!

Let me start by saying your web page is as bizarre as I have come to expect from anything connected with your name in the past. Registering with NitNet? Anyway, glad to see you are back on the scene. David J. Wilson

message: i host an ambient,new music whatever u call it, on a Portugal nacional broadcast /antenna 3/ my show is top 1 ,not bad for a small country, you are free to send me all the promotion you like please contact

I prefer Sting, but he doesn't have an interactive web site.. ;-) Erm, yeah, I want to do a remix.. So I'll grab some samples, and see what I can come up with... (Want some ear-muffs?)

What Fun!!!!!!!

why oh why oh why did you bother... Having just had the misfortune to come across your web site, I must express my utter disappointment at its fundamental lack of usability, it's total and blatant disregard for the interactive phenomenon which is the world wide web. How on earth is one to successfully surf your site, when it comes across as being produced by ill-informed individuals who enjoy churning out ill conceived and badly executed yarns of balderdash. At which point, in your no doubt short-lived Internet career, did you figure it would be a jolly-jape to inflict such complete and utter incompetent drivel upon the poor unsuspecting surfing public. I eagerly await your unintelligible reply. Yours sincerely Mr. U. Sless

Sudanese humming duck sondvich, my friend!

message: One day I was in the park alone and the spaceship landed next to me. These aliens came out and told me they have been watching me for quiet sometime. They told me the had travel back though time, to tell me the I was going to be a great leader of mankind. But only if I don't tell anyone....... hayho... I was crap at keeping secrets!!

I hope the album is as good as Art of noise, which I really enjoyed - getting old eh?

Hi first of all, great cd, album, thingy... It's great to drive to, I getting there quicker but what is it called ? is it by the art of silence or is it by the art of silence? Anyway it's great having a DNS (domain named server) address on the front cover, saves all those net searches!!! with one ping he was gone... Phil Chandler

Excellent! Wonderful! Boy-Howdy! Ripping stuff, I tell you! Zang

No message at the moment , But give me time !

Sorry but I just had to email you. I've just seen your art of silence web page and congrats - your site is the worst designed pages I've ever seen and I spend most of my time on the web. Your gifs don't merge with you background and you use yellow on blue text, flashing at that and as for the fat bordered tables. Its the web form of vogon poetry. Sure I'm cynical but I own most of the Art of Noise albums - excellent stuff but this is in no way reflects that. Even the good cover art is reproduced blocky and with no style. Do you have anything to say in your defence before I notify the style police.Stewart Dean

No scone recipes!

JJ I met you in 1979 and u promised to get me Trevor Horn's autograph, Where is it you git?????????

You speak of innovation: isn't what you have done by offering original material for reworking by the consumer exactly what Glenn Gould was making reference to in the 1960s? Or else John Cage with his "KNOBS" software for "HPSCHD"? The innovation is not the idea itself, but in your having the courage (and technology) to deliver! Moss 680

Hello from California! I don't have your album yet, but I'm looking forward to grabbing it... I really love the 3 AON CD's that I have! Talk to you soon. Anthony


the art of silence is paranoid


Jjust checking in with J.J. Jeczalik, the new album was incredible.

J.J., It's really great that you're keeping in touch with your fans over the net. I'm very impressed with the page, it looks great. I take it you've become quite an Internet buff recently. First off, I'd like to say that I, as with many others, have been following the Art OF Noise path since the ZTT days. Your music has really changed people's lives, and inspired many of the experimental electronic musicians of today, including fellow DJs like myself. But this new album tops it all. I recently picked it up in an import specialty store, and I'd say "being extremely impressed" would be an understatement. It's an excellent album, and I hope it does really well. The entire album is great, but the "Giant" trilogy really got to me. It has an energy and excitement to it that not many artists have been able to accomplish. I'm still looking for the "West 4" single, but I'm sure I'll run into it soon. I noticed lots of Art of Noise collaborators are featured on your album like Bob K., Nick Froome, Paul Robinson, and others. It's really neat to see lots of them collaborating with you again. Do you have a tour planned for the future? Will the album be released in America? Jon Masciana

Dear jjj, I wish I had the slightest idea of who you are, and what you are talking about, but alas I do not. Yours Sincerely, Denis Collins

Where am I?

I'm sorry there's no one here to take your call. If you'd like to leave a beep, then please leave it after the massage.

Never eat anything bigger than your head

why did you sell your Fairlight.... get it back.....akai sucks bigtime. howdy doody

if you come across CHRIS NEWMAN on your adventures..tell him to send me my EII cd-rom drive...I bought it weeks ago, and still no sign of it !!! thanks

Where the hell have you been for the last few years? People look at me gone out when I say your name!

Hi, I'm thrilled to find this web site, and discover the AOS. Are any AOS recordings available in the USA yet,or will I need to place a special order "import" at the record store? I must say, Mr. J.J., your 64.0 minute long epic, "A Nation Rejects" is by far my favourite piece of "recreational math", or music. I can't imagine that there is any other work in existence that is as profound, mind bogglingly Pleasurable, psychedelic, epic..., (with the possible exception of "The Strawberry Alarm Clock's" hit, before they sold out;) If only the original Paranoimia single w/ "A Nation Rejects" was available, as i prefer this "pure" version a bit over the "Ambient Collection" version. My cassette version of this work (a"B-side" of all things!!!) has been noticablly worn down in quality since i got it in 1986, a testament to all those mind bending high times. Hey, that's 10 years! Golly, how time flies... (or perceptibly slows down,varies,crashes, or becomes irrellevant-if you're listening to "A Nation Rejects" -under proper mind-set and setting.) Anyway thanks in advance for any info on the availability of the "Art of Silence" recordings in the USA. Sincerely, John Morley

So much for the immediacy of e-mail! I have only just got round to viewing your revised site, listening to Anja (!) and reading the rave reviews. Man. About time us "" boys got together for some genuine beer. How about Thursday 3.10.96; you choose the venue at a halfway house. Best regards Piers

You are wacky

Life is too short for slow turns and light beers!!!

Sample this...*******

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