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WEST 4 ... A gorgeous slice of melodic instrumental house
with ambient & techno textures from former Art of Noise man JJ Jeczalik.
Already a huge club hit in the UK.
Featuring a great bonus mix by Beat Foundation plus "Giant Above".

ART OF SILENCE (Axiomattic)
Do tracks named 'Close (To The Edit)', 'Peter Gunn' and 'Moments In Love' mean anything to you in the cold light of the 90's? Yes the man behind one of the more off-the-wall acts to come out of the 80's has delivered this, which "really is the album I've always wanted to make". So what has former Art of Noise mainman JJ Jeczalik been up to in the interim? Clubbing a lot by the sounds on offer here. From the monumental 16 minutes of piano-driven downtempo funk of opener 'West 4', which is already a club hit, we're teased through a variety of electronic styles all delivered with impeccably crystal clear production values. ........With sublime cuts like 'Messenger of Heaven'
and 'Some Other Dream' it's definitely worth a listen.
(Andy McCall Smith)

Sunday Times
"He's back and this time everybody's involved.

J J Jeczalik has a new album out this week,
snappily entitled
(For those less "with it" than myself, Mr Jeczalik was a founder
member of Art of Noise, responsible for Peter Gunn in 1986).
The first 2,000 copies of his latest offering come with a
floppy disk that enables the lucky buyer
(assuming he has a PC (sic)) to remix the work.
Results can be sent to Mr Jeczalik, or J J as he prefers,
on the Art of Silence Internet Site.
The best remixes will then be released on J J's Axiomattic label.
Presumably, those can be remixed in turn and the whole process
repeated and J J need never bother making another album. Brilliant."
(by Rasselas, Sunday Times "The Culture")

Record Mirror
"Such is their knowledge and experience
it would be impossible for them not to come up with
an excellent club groove...
Full of subtle twists and turns,
intricate keyboard parts and sweeping
crescendos of music and noise,this is a beautifully
created track that will win you over...
***** "

(Leicester Mercury)

"Leicester clubgoers made West 4
by Art of Silence a bit of an anthem
a couple of months back,
before most DJs took the safer route
by plugging Robert Miles incesantly.
Now this hard UK house number is featured
on the Art of Silence album.............
a pretty potent piece of ambient recordings."

"AoS .....................a deep and scenic remix combo"

"A very popular, in-demand house trancer
that fits into the epic category.
Big with Sasha/Digweed fans."

Gordon Kaye (mixmag update)
"a completely "out there" deep and scenic mix,
that collects detonating fat synth riffs, bongo laden percussion
and a hammering piano riff.......Absolutely superb"


David Perkins
"knocks 'em out & leaves 'em for dead....It's good to know they're still being made"

Anthony Pappa
"it is massive. Top tune excellent"

Andy Ford
"A brilliant piece of vinyl. Dancefloor friendly with a wicked response"

Alex Handley
"What a class piece of music, from the strings to the piano to the whole workings is brilliant"

Steve Livinston
"a real musical journey that gets better with every listening."

Chris Powell
"fabulous production"

Tim Lennox
"Epic !"

"JJ has me jumping up and down in eager anticipation of his album !! Top marks"

Wayne Merson
"very atmospheric, progressive & original. I love it..."

Barry Jones
"devastating at volume. A good reaction. Right up my street !"

Mark Rolfe

Roy Silver
"F+cking wicked mate"

John Wetherley
"best record far. Totally inspiring stuff"

Ben Hyams
"sounds so right on a larger than large system. Deep music for the masses."

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