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Pretty women are failing their driving tests in Melbourne, Australia, because male examiners want a second look at them, according to local driving instructor Rita King.
Deanna Baldesi was ordered to strip after being kidnapped by a knife-weilding mugger in Milan. Once she'd removed her clothes the mugger ran off with them. When arrested, he explained that he wanted to take his girlfriend out but she had nothing nice to wear.
Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz gave himself five inch long welts when he tried to iron his shirt while wearing it. "I've ironed that way five or six times," he said, "and never had it happen ."
When Malcolm Honeystool of Kentucky discovered mouse droppings
"as big as peppercorns" in his larder, he decided to gas the "supermice" by running tubes from his oven around his home. Absent-mindedly, he lit a cigar and blew his house up. Investigators later found that the peppercorn-sized droppings were in fact peppercorns.

Tokyo jelly enthusiast Oso Kantaki died while attempting to create the world's largest jelly. He constructed a 20ft-high Perspex mould in his garden and poured fast setting jelly solution into it. Mr Kantaki slipped into it and drowned. His wife found him suspended head first in solid jelly.
Police investigating a car theft outside a church in Wilne, Derbyshire, discovered that the thief, who left during the service, had signed the visitors' book Mr Rob Car.
A woman's three husbands found out about each other
when they all turned up at her funeral in White Rocks, USA.

Wallace Quammen, 71, claimed a $million lottery win in Seattle just 45 minutes before his ticket passed the one-year expiry date. "I don't like to rush into anything," he said.
A taxi driver from Redhill, England, took off his £200 gold watch
while cleaning his car only to have it swallowed by a passing dog.

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